A sea of lights

by TnP Staff
Published: 16 May 2014, 10:40
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Tobar supports new LED and Tropical Robo Fish lines

With the success of Tobar's Robo Fish range, the company continued to drive the brand with new product and display solutions. New for 2014, Tobar has released the new Tropical Robo Fish and LED Robo Fish, which are the perfect new additions for fans to build up their collection, and has developed a range of store displays to help drive sales.

Tropical Robo Fish come in a mix of nine bright colours, new patterns and transparent body parts – perfect for those who want to build up their collection.

The LED Robo Fish is water activated and swims in a very life-like manner, but this innovative new version also features a top-mounted LED light. When placed in water it starts to swim whilst the light flashes, illuminating the depths with a fascinating visual effect that looks utterly mesmerising whether it's light or dark! This upgraded Robo Fish is available in six colours, giving collectors and fans a new range they will want to buy and add to their collection.

To help drive sales Tobar has developed a range of colourful display solutions to ensure Robo Fish is a best seller in store. The hypnotic TV stands come in 3 sizes: 48, 75 and 160 piece options. The new LED Robo Fish TV Stands comes in two sizes: 48 or 135. Custom solutions are available upon request and all TV stands come with easy assemble instructions and video screens with built in videos – a true plug and play solution.

Inevitably as Robo Fish hit the shelves there was a flurry of counterfeit goods flooding the market in the pre-Christmas sales period. Tobar and Zuru are working closely together to close down these illegal brands and help protect the integrity of the Robo Fish range.

The immediate priority for them is ensuring consumers are protected from illegal goods which won’t have passed the same stringent safety checks. Tobar and Zuru are calling for all retailers to back the Real Robo Fish or Forget It! campaign and buy official goods direct from Tobar only.